Modernity and low maintenance

PLUGA® modular homes with modern architecture, high quality and low maintenance are an attractive option for young home owners.

On average, modular homes cost 35% less per square foot compared to traditional site-built homes.


The durability of the construction is equivalent and the high thermal and acoustic quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer's quality certification systems.

Quality control

PLUGA modular houses are made up of independent modules, completely produced in the factory under strict quality control to guarantee high technical standards and very fast delivery times.


If you have concluded that the PLUGA® house is the ideal solution for you, get in touch with us.
We can answer any questions, talk about the available versions, color selection, final customization options and financial conditions.

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Once the conditions have been agreed, a deposit of 5% of the value of the house will be requested to submit the pro-forma invoice, the specifications and the project to deliver to the bank and obtain financing. Most of our clients use construction loans to finance their dream home.

After credit approval, we move on to signing the contract, defining the delivery and installation date.


Our team of experts begins preparing the site and building the foundations, according to the specialty project.

After the concrete in the foundations has cured, the modules will be installed, according to the agreed plan and the configuration chosen by you.

We will also build all extra contracted options, such as balconies, decks, among others.

We will deliver and define the modules on schedule. Our on-site teams will then mobilize to complete all “button” work on site.
We will also build any optional porches, decks and garages on site.

When our experts have finished, our project manager will carry out the final inspection of the work and will explain all the systems and answer any questions you may need.

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- Initial deposit of 5% upon delivery of the proforma and projects.
- 20% deposit before construction of foundations.
- 50% payment on the day of delivery of the modules to the construction site.
- Final remaining 25% with turnkey delivery.


PLUGA® Houses are supported by a metallic structure, based on cold-formed and dip galvanized profiles, with geometry developed to withstand the efforts required when used in ground floor or R+1 solutions.

In addition to these types of requests, after the PLUGA® Houses are installed, the structure is also prepared to respond to the efforts imposed by the movement of the modules, between the manufacturing site and the installation site.

To support the structure, reinforced concrete foundations are used which, although with a common matrix, are sized case by case, in order to meet the requirements of each installation.
This structure has as its principle a set of beams, which forms a mesh, which surrounds the perimeter of all modules, where connection systems are installed that guarantee the correct leveling and fixing of the modules.

The structure also includes the roofing system, which is based on the application of thermowelded fabrics.

These screens are applied over a layer of high-density EPS, made up of pieces specially designed to guarantee, in addition to superior thermal insulation, the slopes necessary for the perfect drainage of rainwater. All this without compromising structural performance.


Based on an ETIC's coating, the facades guarantee excellent thermal performance, in order to provide sustainable comfort.

With an approach based on the use of finishing profiles, it was possible to minimize the visual impact of the modules' unions, as well as eliminating the risks associated with these singularities. Only in this way can the finishing of exterior walls be completed in a factory environment.

The facades are based on this finish, but can be customized with other materials.


The spaces are located in such a way as to maximize the use of these solutions, with different configurations, in different layouts and orientations, without compromising their interior use, nor the connection between interior and exterior spaces.

In order not to compromise the thermal performance of the facades, the PVC openings with solar-controlled glass are mechanically protected by solar breezes.

Hydraulic, Electrical and Communications Networks

The layout of the infrastructure networks was designed to respect regulated requirements and guarantee practical use, without compromising construction in modules.

Therefore, the solution found was to create, in the factory, all the sections of the different networks that are inserted in each module, using technical boxes during the on-site installation phase, to make the connections between sections of networks of different modules.


The interior finishes are mainly based on the use of plasterboard, where elements such as lighting or others with a simply decorative nature are already inserted.

The coverings can have a more elaborate range, which is based on the use of materials with a more traditional root, such as ceramic or floating materials, or in other cases materials with a more technical nature, which give the solution a more evolved appearance.

In both solutions, furniture such as wardrobes and support furniture for the living room and kitchen are incorporated.

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